to give generously in as little as 7 weeks!


If you’re experiencing these problems, I can help….

Trying to get a visit with your donors but they don’t return your emails or calls?

Unsure how to ask for the gift, how much to ask for or which donors to focus on?

Not knowing how much you can realistically raise?

Unrealistic fundraising goals handed down from your boss or board?

Board members who aren’t engaged in fundraising or who tell you to “Just ask                      [insert millionaire’s name here].”

Stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel of grants, golf tournaments, and galas?

Having to find new donors just to cover up your losses from lapsed donors?

Wasting time watching “free as kittens” webinars as fluffy as angel food cake?

Hiring a high-priced consultant only to get “Nick the intern” instead who wastes an entire day interviewing your organization and shows up 2 weeks later with a fancy “assessment” with blurry reproductions of your logo and 15 pages of canned recommendations?

Watching your competition chat up all the donors at the cocktail party that you wish you knew?

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

There’s a better way to do it!  I have developed a system that takes away…

  • The guesswork of not knowing which donors to focus on or how much you can realistically raise
  • The struggle to get a visit with your donor
  • The fear of not knowing how to make an ask, craft a major gift program, or motivate board members to fundraise
  • The need to go find new donors to cover up the boatloads of money you are losing from donor attrition

My program takes you from fundraising fear and overwhelm to confidence in as short as seven weeks without hiring a woo-woo life coach, going to therapy, or ever having to work with Nick the intern again.

I know what you’re thinking.  It won’t work for me because I am too introverted.  I’m too old.  I’m too young.  I’m not charismatic.  I’m not glamorous.  If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it.  My boss would never go for this.  How is this different from other fundraising courses out there?

Let me show you why this is unlike anything out there.

  • This program is based on science and loaded with easy to execute strategies.  Because no one wants theory.
  • I’ve partnered with some of the best and brightest marketers to give you the #1 tools to delight your donors, make them feel appreocated and also stand out to your donors, be seen, be heard and get a visit.
  • Unlike other programs you wander through solo, I’m giving you a fundraising buddy.  This boosts your motivation, gives you an extra sounding board and a support system that extends past the life of the course.

Hi.  I am Rachel Muir, CFRE.

In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**. I am just as crazy, overwhelmed and passionate about making the world a better place as you are.

Born to unsuspecting parents in 1971, I was told as a child that girls are not good at math and science. That cost me a lot of opportunities so when I was 26 I decided to do something about it. I quit my job and started a nonprofit to empower girls in math, science, engineering and technology in the living room of my apartment with all the money I had: $500 and a credit card. It took me years to pay off that credit card but along the way I got to impact thousands of girls, be featured on Oprah, raise 10 million dollars, work every side of the Rubik’s cube that is the nonprofit sector, and learn more about fundraising than you may ever want to know.

When I started Girlstart the idea of asking a wealthy person for a big gift gave me cold sweats but pretty soon I was confidently raising 6 figure gifts, had a loyal tribe of generous donors and we were funding our dreams!

It took a lot of inspiration and a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. I have helped thousands of fundraisers land big gifts, delight their donors, and love their jobs.  

I want to live in a world where Girl Scout cookies have zero calories and your donors feel so appreciated by you they never leave and keep growing their gifts to you.

Introducing Makeover My Fundraising

The world’s best way to zero in on your top prospects and build a thriving portfolio of donors eager to give to your cause EVEN IF you are terrified of asking donors for money, EVEN IF you don’t have a budget to acquire NEW donors, EVEN IF you are new to fundraising, EVEN IF you think you know everything but aren’t getting the results you need, EVEN IF you are stressed out, burned out and have a task list that stretches from this continent to the next and back again.

Here’s what’s included…

7 Modules

20+ lessons released each week with  guides, templates, solicitation scripts, worksheets and swipe files to make your fundraising makeover easy and enjoyable.

NEW!  “Makeover My Fundraising Masterclass Workbook”  and Development Scorecard to help you stay motivated, sane and organized!

Weekly Coaching

Group coaching sessions every week where I walk you through it all and answer your burning questions.  You get me, the person with a truckload of hard won experience who still oozes enthusiasm (not Nick the intern).

Weekly coaching sessions occur Wednesdays at 11 am CST January 29 – March 11th.

Video Email

Master the #1 tool to stand out to your donors, be seen, be heard and get a visit from the pros at Bomb Bomb!

You’ll receive a demo, coaching, training, plus an entire month free!


Wealth Screen

Get a complimentary wealth screening of 500 names from your list (US-Only)  provided by DonorSearch.

The Fundraising Buddy System

You aren’t alone in this course – on top of the private community you’ll join a tribe with 1-2 other fundraising buddies taking the journey with you to be your sounding board, cheerleader or drill sargent depending on what you need.

CFRE credit

Working towards your Certified Fundraising Executive certificate?  Good news!  CFRE found so much value in this course that you are eligible to receive 25 hours of credit towards your CFRE!  Mind – > blown.

Here’s what you’ll learn over the next 7 weeks

Week 1: Fundraising Health Check
We’ll start by evaluating your fundraising success so that you know how you are performing.  Are you losing donors?  Are there donors that can be upgraded?   You’ll learn how to calculate your donor retention, different ways to examine retention, how to calculate donor lifetime value and how to use all if this data to practically manage acquisition and retention. 
Week 2: Mining for Gold Fundraising Framework
In this module you’ll learn the 6 steps of the Mining for Gold Fundraising Framework.  You’ll get a clear road map to your best prospects and identify which donors you want to put into a portfolio and start cultivating to get visits, make asks and upgrade their giving.  The first thing you do in this module is prioritize your donor prospects to put them in a donor portfolio.  The second thing we’ll do is set a revenue goal and a cultivation plan for each of them.  This is your strategic plan for your donor. 
Week 3: Mid, Major and Planned Gifts
We’ll explore the donor journey so that you can learn the exact strategies to inspire a donor to make transformative gifts to your organization: from first becoming aware of you, to making a first gift, to larger midlevel gifts, to major gifts, to strategies to get them to name you in their will or estate with a planned gift. 
Week 4: The Donor Experience & How to Think Like a Donor
The secrets to fantastic donor experiences are all around you.  Get a fresh perspective from your favorite brands to start thinking like a donor and treat your donors like Kings and Queens without going broke and design meaningful, unforgettable experiences that win over their hearts, minds and wallets.
Week 5: Get the visit, nail the ask!
Most people are terrified of making the ask but in reality, the ask is the easy part; the hard part is getting the appointment.  In this module you will learn the #1 tool to stand out to your donors, be seen, be heard and get a visit, plus every script and tip you needed YESTERDAY to build rapport, know how MUCH to ask for and HOW to nail the ask. 
Week 6: Makeover My Board!
Few things are more critical to your nonprofits health, success and sustainability than an effective board of directors.  Discover how make board members fundraising superheroes without ever making an ask, how to spot a great board member a mile away, how to steer a board the went off course and create graceful exits for low performing board members.
Week 7: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy
Is fundraising at your organization under-resourced, misunderstood or undervalued?  Are your development operations set up for success?  Is the program team at war with development?  Are they like divorced parents only speaking to each other because of the kids?  Are different fundraising departments fighting over donors or who gets credit?  Discover how to take your teams from dysfunction to dynamic so that you can have a thriving culture of philanthropy that raises more money and is a better place to work. 
Plus these drool worthy bonuses...

Wealth Screening


Get a complimentary wealth screening of 500 names from your list (US-Only) – provided by Donor Search.


Video Email


Discover the #1 tool to stand out to your donors, be seen, be heard and get a visit from the pros at Bomb Bomb with coaching, training and an entire month free.


Group Coaching


We have a standing date Wednesday at 11 am CST every week for 7 weeks.  I’m giving you feedback, encouragement, boo-boo kissing and maybe some gentle prodding if you need it.   


Fundraising Buddy System  


Does this course include alcoholic beverages?  No, I can’t do that but you get something equally intoxicating – a tribe of your own.  When you sign up you’re paired up with 1-2 fundraising peers taking your fundraising journey with you as you cheer each other on and hold each other accountable to achieving the results you want. 



Done for you guides 


Grab it while you can!  

Send donors stewardship texts right from your desktop!   

You already know texting is a great tool to communicate. 

Did you know it’s an even better tool to use for donor stewardship? 

Text open rates average a whopping 98%! 

Imagine your donor getting a delightful message from you thanking them for their gift.  Now imagine that you can manage sending those messages easily and effortlessly through your computer.  With Textology, you can! 

In this special bonus you get one month free use of Textology, a texting service that allows you to send and receive text messages from any computer.  You can send up to 1,000 texts and include images.


Expires midnight Friday January 24th  

5 BONUS COACHING sessions  

After class wraps and you enjoy a week of vacation you can hop back into the group for a full week of bonus free coaching sessions every day!

This is the most popular bonus in the course. It is like getting a private coach every day after class ends for a full week!

Look, I get it, life happens.  Maybe you miss a class or two or maybe you just want an expert pair of fundraising eyes to help you solve your thorniest fundraising challenge. That’s what you get with the extra week free!

Drop in anyday (or everyday) Monday – Friday March 22 – 27th at 11 am CST for coaching with yours truly.


Be the first buyers to win a…  

Live critique of donor’s online giving experience  

Did you know 60% of potential donors land on a donation form and DON’T complete the gift? 

I’m here to show you why!  Tune in live as I make an online donation on the website of three lucky winners and critique the entire giving process every step of the way.   

You’ll see the unseen pitfalls in your giving process that are costing you money. 

Get the speed, ease and expertise of a trained eye with 25+ years experience to get you on the fastest path possible to converting online gifts!   

Everyone tuning in benefits from the recommendations, easy-to-implement fixes and eye candy examples. 


2 enrollment optionS

Single user

$499 monthly for 3 months (1,497 total)

Pay in full save $75!

Includes single login, fundraising buddy assignment, weekly coaching calls and private Facebook group access, 7 modules plus bonuses, and 12-month access.

Two users 

$599 monthly for 3 months (1,797 total)

Pay in full save $90! 

Each user gets login, fundraising buddy assignment, weekly coaching calls and private Facebook group access, 7 modules plus bonuses, and 12-month access.

What Graduates Are Saying

“I began to work on our Capital Campaign last week and the first commitment I got, from the first person I asked (using all the amazing Rachel Muir strategies, skills, protocol, and dreamy ways of making asking for money fun) was for $10,000!!!  Thank you.  I can’t say it enough and I can stop talking about your course to my Board and mentors.  So many thanks for being an amazing teacher and putting together a fabulous online class – complete with teamwork and personal goal setting!”

Alissa McClure

Founder/Executive Director, Salado Montessori School

“Invest in professional development!  We can’t always wait for the organization we work for to pay for courses we desperately want to take.  I’m a better fundraiser because of continuing education like this. This course is a fresh take on fundraising and having access to you and being part of a group of amazing fundraisers has put the wind back in my sails.”

Trish Ellis

Development Manager at Team Red, Whie & Blue

“This course really gave us a fundraising makeover and gave me the confidence to know I’m using practices that will get results. It made what was overwhelming manageable. Rachel’s genuine enthusiasm, attention, and support is inspirational and motivating – she truly has your back!”

Kelly Goodin

Executive Director, Second Chance Humane Society

Real love notes and testimonials I’ve received from students

“The opportunity to work closely with Rachel in this course is invaluable. She works 1:1 with you and is always accessible to provide guidance and share her expertise. She’s designed a course that is a deep dive into every major area of fundraising with coaching, support, and consultation with strategies to close the gaps that challenge fundraisers from reaching higher level goals. I highly recommend it for fundraisers at any level and size organization.”

Christina DiMeglio Lopez

Director of Leadership Gifts, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington

“Dear Rachel,
Since I started your course I got on the ball with challenging our board regarding fundraising. We set a goal as a board for them to raise $50,000 for operations between that date and Dec 31. Since then (2 months), through a combination of their own giving and them raising funds through direct asks with potential large donors, they’ve raised $36,000+!
Just wanted you to know how its going and the impact you’ve had.
Thank you!”

Carig Garrison

President, Cornerstone International

“You MUST take this class! Rachel will give you a serious jump start to ignite your successful career in development. The curriculum includes all the strategic steps you will ever need to build a strong development plan from start to finish. Rachel is super fun and high energy and she really motivates you. I feel like I am getting on-the-job training to be a development director! Rachel is very open to questions and is eager to share her secrets with her students. The more you ask, the more she shares. Investing in this class  is worth its weight in gold for my non-profit!”

Jessica Krauser

Director of Development, Second Chance Humane Society

“Thanks to Rachel Muir’s advice I just raised my first large private donation of $8,000 by phone! Plus I raised $15,000 more (half small donations, half grant) since the start of the course in which the course played a role. I even actually fundraised the costs of the fundraising course back via a grant for our brand new website! Thanks Rachel!  This was perfect for learning how to totally overhaul your fundraising, and Rachel is very generous with her time!”

Arjen Nijeboer

Campaign Manager, More Democracy

“This course provides the practical steps needed to prioritize the work of a development officer and/or a development team. Each lesson includes valuable advice and helpful insight gleaned from years of experience. Rachel breaks the task of fundraising into small steps so that each part of the work is doable. It will impact the way my team operates moving forward. ”

Scott Kelly

Director of Advancement, East Texas Baptist University

Since I began Makeover My Fundraising with Rachel Muir, each day I wake up and come to the office with a new energy and refreshed perspective.  Launching our new organization has been our top priority and joy.  Even after 3 years, fundraising has seemed a mystery.  Makeover My Fundraising is life-changing already!  Thank you!!”

Rev LaDonna Nkosi

Founder/Executive Director, The Gathering Chicago

So now it’s up to you.

You can try to figure this all out on your own, and whine, complain and grumble about the slow progress, sheer frustration and time suck of trying to piece together a million things still not raising critical funds for your organization.

Or you can choose to say YES and save yourself years of trial and error + super expensive mistakes and say HELLO to confidently raising 4, 5 even 6 figure gifts.

This All Sounds Great But…

Q. What if I am not happy with the course? Can I get my money back?
A.  YES!  Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!  This comes with a 100% money back guarantee.  Whatever your reason, if you are not losing your freaking mind over the awesomeness I have packaged in here and you let me know within 14 days, I will be happy to refund.  No questions asked.  So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.
Q. When does the course start and finish? What if I miss a coaching call?

A.  You get access to the first lesson as soon as you check out.  Each week a new lesson is released that we review (along with your burning questions!)  in office hours.  All weekly lessons, buddy assignments, accountability, weekly coaching, stalking and cheerleading begins on January 29th and runs for 7 weeks until March 11.  This is a self-paced course – you decide when you start and finish but weekly office hours and bonuses occur in the first 7 weeks.  You have access to all materials for 12 months.  All group coaching calls are recorded and all modules are self-paced.

Q. How much time will it take? What if I miss a week or two?

A.  Each Monday the new module for the week is released.  Each module contains video lessons which can be anywhere from 20-40 minutes long and has accompanying handouts, guides, worksheets and recommended reading.  Office hours are every Wednesday at 11 am to recap and review the lesson and answer questions.

Don’t worry if you miss a module, it will be waiting for you when you’re ready!  The course is self-paced.  Follow at your own speed.  Your access to this course lasts a full 12 months.  It doesn’t vanish after the coaching and bonuses end.

Q. How does the pricing work? If I don't want to pay monthly can I pay up front?

A.  To maximize flexibility for nonprofit budgets the tuition payments are split into 3 easy recurring payments in Paypal.  The first payment is processed when you register, the next is processed 30 days later and the final 30 days after that.  The VIP discount is only available for the single seat license.  The VIP discount expires Friday, January 17th and may not be combined with any other discount.  Both regularly priced enrollment options (single user and two users) are eligible for a 5% discount if you select the pay in full option.

Q. How can I afford this course?

A.  This course pays for itself MANY times over.  How many 4, 5, 6  even 7 figure gifts will you get after taking this course?  How much impact will that success have on your career?  On your organization?  The truth is you can’t afford to NOT take this course!

Q. How does this course compare to other courses out there?

A.  This course is taught by a fundraising expert with over 25 years battle-tested experience not just working for a nonprofit but actually starting a nonprofit from the ground up.

This program is a team sport.  In most programs, you wander through solo, but Makeover My Fundraising pairs you up with two peers to provide accountability and support past the life of the course.

Finally, (and perhaps most importantly) unlike EVERY other fundraising course on the market that touts a money-back guarantee, this is THE ONLY course with a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.  You do not have to “complete the worksheets” and show me your work or “have a phone conversation with a company representative” (gasp).  If the course doesn’t work for you simply let me know by the end of week 2 and you get a full refund.

Q. Can I get private coaching? Can my coworker join me for the lessons, community and coaching?

A.  Yes, you can add one, two or as many as three private coaching sessions to your order at checkout.  This course offers two options to make sure everyone in your organization can learn and have fun all at a very affordable price.  The single seat license is for one person to join the course – they get their own login, tribe assignment, coaching and added to the private Facebook group.  The two-user license gives two people in your organization their individual logins, unique tribe assignments, coaching and gets them both added to the private Facebook group.    

Q. Is this course going to be offered again in 2020? The timing isn't right for me right now.

This course is slated to only be offered once in 2020.  It is highly unlikely that the course will be offered again this year. 

I want you to try Makeover My Fundraising risk free.

Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t satisfied I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred bucks.

So please, try Makeover My Fundraising for 2 weeks.

If after 2 weeks you decide it isn’t the right fit you get a no questions asked refund.

You’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself!

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