You’re ready for end of year donations to come pouring in but is your website?  

FACT:  60% of potential donors land on a donation form and don’t complete the gift

Are you….

Stressed about end of year fundraising?  

Worried you won’t hit your fundraising goals?

Wondering why your wealthy donors didn’t give again?

Asking yourself how on earth you’ll do it all? 

Wondering you can do NOW to have the BIGGEST impact boosting year end fundraising?  

What you don’t know WILL hurt you…and your donors.  

You know that email thank you auto-responder?  You only thought it was working.  Aack! 

A broken link to your donation form.

A tax receipt for a donor that doesn’t include their gift amount or your tax id number.

An annoying required field on your donation form that makes donors leave the page. 

Boring uninspired thank you copy that sounds like a robot wrote it.

Do you want….

Rich, rewarding lucrative relationships with your donors?

To be your donor’s favorite charity?

Low hanging fruit end of year fundraising strategies you can put to use right away?

The kind of success that makes everyone around you jealous (just kidding, don’t do that)

I hear you and you don’t have to be in this situation!

Have you ever wanted to give the reins to a seasoned fundraising pro and have them tell you how you can improve your website and donation page in time to maximize year end giving?  Ever wished they could rewrite your donor thank you letter into something your donors would cherish?  I’m making your dreams come true!

What will I learn in the End of Year Readiness Clinic?  

The unseen pitfalls in your donor’s online giving process that are costing you gifts! 

You’ll get a step-by-step audit of your online giving experience with a detailed first-hand critique of each place where you can improve the process to boost donor satisfaction and gift completion.

You can also get a rewrite of your donor thank you communication piece or a live one on one coaching call!

Plus…you get 2 on-demand mini courses covering:

  • What donor abandonment is and how to fix it
  • 13 tips to boost online gifts 
  • Your start-to-finish end of year countdown (and sample calendar)
  • How much email is TOO MUCH email?  (plus sample email schedules and subject line tools to help your message get through!)
  • End of Year ask scripts to use in person or on the phone
  • What to say in thank you calls, letters, emails and autoresponders
  • 21+ ways to shower your donors with love
  • Before and after thank you makeover examples
  • The easiest and fastest strategy to get your board engaged in end of year fundraising and wow donors at the same time

Hi.  I am Rachel Muir, CFRE.

In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**. I am just as crazy, overwhelmed and passionate about making the world a better place as you are.

Born to unsuspecting parents in 1971, I was told as a child that girls are not good at math and science. That cost me a lot of opportunities so when I was 26 I decided to do something about it. I quit my job and started a nonprofit to empower girls in math, science, engineering and technology in the living room of my apartment with all the money I had: $500 and a credit card. It took me years to pay off that credit card but along the way I got to impact thousands of girls, be featured on Oprah, raise 10 million dollars, work every side of the Rubik’s cube that is the nonprofit sector, and learn more about fundraising than you may ever want to know.

When I started Girlstart the idea of asking a wealthy person for a big gift gave me cold sweats but pretty soon I was confidently raising 6 figure gifts, had a loyal tribe of generous donors and we were funding our dreams!

It took a lot of inspiration and a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. I have helped thousands of fundraisers land big gifts, delight their donors, and love their jobs.  

I want to live in a world where Girl Scout cookies have zero calories and your donors feel so appreciated by you they never leave and keep growing their gifts to you.

4 optionS

Mini course 


“Year End Fundraising Readiness” mini course


“Art of an Unforgettable Thanks”

mini course

Covering…13 tips to boost online gifts, End of Year ask scripts, What to say in thank you calls, letters, emails & autoresponders, sample email schedules, 21+ways to shower your donors with love, before and after thank you makeover examples PLUS the easiest & fastest way to get your board engaged in end of year fundraising and wow donors at the same time. 

Donation audit


Only $399!

“Year-End Fundraising Readiness” mini-course


“Art of an Unforgettable Thanks”



Donation audit

Ready to give the reins to a seasoned fundraising pro to improve your donation process? I’m making a small gift to your charity online critiquing the entire process every step of the way.   You’ll get a full report back loaded with screenshots and tips to ensure your donors have a blissful giving experience!

Donation audit +

thank you rewrite


Only $599

“Year-End Fundraising Readiness” mini-course


“Art of an Unforgettable Thanks”



Donation audit


Thank you re-write

Time for a communications makeover?  I’m making over any donor acknowledgment template you pick: your email gift receipt, thank you letter,  or recurring giving receipt into a thank your donors will treasure!

Donation audit +

1:1 coaching call


Only $799

“Year-End Fundraising Readiness” mini-course


“Art of an Unforgettable Thanks”



Donation audit


1:1 Coaching Call

You + me + your burning question – solved! You’ll be sent a calendar link to book an hour long private 1:1 coaching session with yours truly. We can meet via phone or a live Zoom meeting room, whichever you prefer!

What’s in the Donation Audit?  

I’m making a small gift to your charity on your website critiquing the entire process each step of the way.  Yep, you heard me right, I’m going to Nancy Drew my way through your website, make a gift, auditing every single step in your donation form process taking screenshots for you like the paparazzi.  Mind –> blown.  I’ll report back to you via email with my findings so you can ensure your donors have a blissful, seamless giving experience.

What’s in the Thank you rewrite?

On top of the audit, I’m making over any donor acknowledgement template you like – your email gift receipt, your thank you letter, your recurring giving receipt – you name it, I’m here to help your thoughtful heartfelt thank you stand out like a rainbow unicorn in a sea of beige donor communications.

What’s in the 1:1 coaching session?

On top of the audit you get private coaching with yours truy!  Just You + me + your burning question – solved!  You’ll be sent a calendar link to book an hour long minute private 1:1 coaching session with yours truly.  We can meet via phone or a live Zoom meeting room, whichever you prefer!

What People Are Saying

“If you’re trying to decide whether this is worthwhile, believe me it definitely is! Rachel was able to review our standard Thank You letter and transformed it into something beyond what I would have thought about. I have a renewed sense of excitement as we use this letter going forward for our Donors. Her review of our online donation platform was extremely helpful as well, and I can’t wait to begin using the tips she mentioned for us.”

Ann Marie Obrikat, Executive Director

Parkinson Association of the Carolinas

“The online donation audit that Rachel provided was a great resource for us as we were taking steps to design a new web site.  Her insights helped us ensure that we kept the donor experience top of mind with the new site.”

Mary Anne King

Executive Director, Laura Crandall Brown Foundation

“Enlisting the personalized advice of such an expert was a no brainer! As expected, her insight was incredibly useful, clear, on-trend, and timely! Since the audit, we have worked with web developers to implement Rachel’s suggestions and initial indicators point to one thing … more donations! How cool is that?! I would highly recommend enrolling in anything and everything that Rachel Muir offers. She is a genius and breathes new energy into fundraising.”

Katie Tank

Chief Development Officer, St. Mary's Springs Academy

Your donors won’t tell you this, but I will:

  • Your site is almost impossible to read on a mobile device.
  • The donate button you think stands out on your site? It’s easy to miss.
  • The photos of people holding up big cardboard checks and smiling? They make me think fundraising is going well and you don’t need me.

Scary, huh?

Don’t worry, I’m here to fix it. ALL OF IT.  The truth can be painful but it can also save you from lost donations.

This All Sounds Great But…

Q. How does all this work?

A.  After signing up you will be emailed links to both mini courses.  Rachel will follow up with you to confirm the URL and web address where you’d like your online donation audit performed.  If you purchase the thank you rewrite or coaching session you’ll get a follow up email from Rachel. 

Q. How long are the recorded mini-courses?

A.  Each course it less than 1 hour long and can be replayed at your convenience.  

Q. I'll take this next time. You're offering it again right?

A.  Nope!  This bundle of awesomeness is only available now.  Grab it while you can, grasshopper.  The sooner you start the more time you have to implement these revenue boosting tips!

Q. What's the refund policy?

A.  All sales are final.  No refunds allowed.  

Q. If I purchased the private 1:1 coaching call when will it occur?

A.  Whenever you like!  After check out you’ll receive an email from Rachel with a link to her calendar to book your 1:1 coaching session with her.

Q. $599 for a donation audit? Can't I, like do this myself?

A.  Knock yourself out!   The whole point of the donation audit is to get you (and your website) on the fastest possible path to being in tip-top shape for end of year fundraising.   You get the speed,  ease and expertise of a trained eye with 25+ years of fundraising experience to give you a full report on how you can tweak and improve the donor experience JUST IN TIME for those end of year gifts to come rolling in.

The year end readiness course content isn’t available anywhere else.  If you want to spend 40 hours googling end of year fundraising tips and wading through what is good advice and what isn’t, knock yourself out.

Q. How long do I have access to the two mini-courses?

A.  Lifetime access. 

Q. I'm new to fundraising. Is this right for me?

This program is perfect for newbies and experts alike!  If you’re new you’ll get a treasure trove of time-saving insights to set you on the right path.  If you are an old hat you will get new tricks plus the invaluable experience of seeing your content and communications from the donor’s eyes.    

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