How do you become your donor’s favorite charity?  I’m showing you all the irresistable secrets, tools and strategies to superglue your donors to your cause.     

Join me for FREE webinar loaded with easy to implement tips.  Yep, I’m starting the new year coaching fundraisers in my course, Makeover My Fundraising and in this sneak peek you’ll discover… 

  • Tips to get the visit  
  • What to say to ask for the visit
  • Thank you BEFORE and AFTER makeovers
  • “Best of” discovery questions to build rapport
  • Donor experience tips to convert online gifts 


THURSDAY January 23rd @ 12:00 PM CST








Not your typical webinar

I’m tossing fundraising tips around like confetti! I’m also sharing an opportunity to WORK WITH ME.  If you are ALLERGIC to hearing about a fundraising course because that will make you BREAK OUT IN HIVES you better grab your Benadryl.

Rachel Muir, CFRE

Founder- Makeover My Fundraising   I started and ran my own nonprofit, raised over 10 million and was featured on Oprah, CNN and the Today show.  When I started out as a fundraiser the idea of asking a wealthy people for big gifts was as terrifying as jumping out of an airplane but pretty soon I had fallen in love with fundraising, was confidently raising 6 figure gifts and we were funding our dreams!  I’ve helped thousands of fundraisers land big gifts, delight their donors, and love their jobs!